Here Is How You Select The Perfect Gymnastic Leotard

A gymnastic Leotard is absolutely essential for any gymnast, however most young girls have trouble selecting one that fits them perfectly, and compliments there body at the same time. I have seen many gymnasts wear a Leotard that was either too baggy or so tight that there was no room to breathe, and more often than not this caused a major hindrance to their performance.

Here are some things that you should remember when selecting a Leotard for Gymnastics.

Choosing A Leotard:

For a first time gymnast it is highly recommended to go to a store and try out different Leotards in person, make sure to get measured accordingly. Most brands are cut and sized differently and hence you will need to try them on yourself to find out which one are you most comfortable with. Find one that fits your body perfectly and at the same time is neither tight, nor baggy, and has that perfect amount of breathing room, so that you don’t feel like a Boa Constrictor is draining the air out of you.


Tights allow your teacher to observe your muscle definition and feet movement, and hence they are an extremely important part of ballet. Find which set of tights fit you the best, there are a number of options to choose from as well, ranging from convertible, to back –seam to footed.


Tights come in different fabrics as well, and the most common ones are Nylon, Lycra and Supplex. The most traditional tights are made from Nylon, while the other two are soft and nice and usually don’t bag at the knees.

Body Shape and Size

We all have different shapes and sizes and hence it might not be the best approach to go with a one size fits all. Take appropriate measurements and ensure that there is just enough breathing room for you to perform your routines with comfort and ease.

That’s about it , I would recommend going to Destira in case you are shopping for a Leotard for the first time, they have a great collection too choose from, keep training and you are bound to see some fantastic results in the future.

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